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Hydrology and Water Resources

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The Graduate Certificate in Hydrology and Water Resources will address a need to provide specialized education to starting students and practicing professionals in the changing needs of hydrology and water resources. The certificate will provide students with a working knowledge of detailed hydrologic and water resources principles to be prepared for work as a professional in hydrologic design and planning and operation of water resources systems. In summary the certificate will provide:

  • A curriculum of study for graduate students that explores hydrology and water resources topics
  • An introduction to fundamental features of hydrology and water resources principles that are relevant to professional practice in the field by introducing principles of fluid mechanics, hydraulic engineering and water resources systems relevant to professional practice and to familiarize students with experimental and research techniques that are applicable to hydrology and water resources.

The Department of Hydrology and Water Resources offers programs leading to Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy (MS, PhD) degrees with a major in Hydrology.  The Hydrology programs are designed for students interested in the physical, chemical, and biological aspects of the hydrologic cycle, as well as water resources systems, environmental studies, and the social sciences related to water resources.

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