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History Minor

Degree or Minor: 
Undergraduate Minor
UA College: 
Social & Behavioral Sciences
Degree/Minor Description: 

History is the study of the human experience in all times and places, and students who pursue a minor in History can gain a basic understanding of environmental issues in a historical context. History minors will be able to learn about global environmental history, U.S. environmental history, and nature and technology in U.S. history. In addition to these courses, students will have the opportunity to take other history courses in a variety of other topics, including many courses that integrate environmental approaches to history with political, economic, social, and cultural history.

Research Opportunities: 

Arizona State Museum: ASM was built on the cornerstone of research more than a century ago. Its projects range across many disciplines, including archaeology, preservation, ethnohistory and geographic information system. ASM seeks undergradute and graduate students to participate in their important historical research. 

Research Themes: 
Business and Economics
Environmental Arts and Humanities
Governance, Law, and Policy