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American Indian Studies Minor

Degree or Minor: 
Undergraduate Minor
UA College: 
Social & Behavioral Sciences
Degree/Minor Description: 

American Indian Studies (AIS) is committed to developing Native-centered scholarship. The contemporary and historic ways of life, knowledge, and experiences of American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian/First Nation communities and individuals are fundamental to AIS. An AIS undergraduate minor provides students with a holistic, integrated, and analytical study of critical issues facing Native North Americas in the past, present, and future and their political relationship to external governments. The minor plan of study focuses on fundamental AIS topics based on the discipline’s interdisciplinary strengths such as the Environment and Indigenous Knowledge—the study of all aspects of knowledge developed by Native societies, including science, technology, environmental understanding, philosophical principles, epistemologies, ethics, ways of interpreting the world, and sense of self and community, including traditional knowledge and sacred histories to the degree deemed appropriate for expression in transcultural situations.

Research Opportunities: 

Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology: BARA is a unique academic research unit within the School of Anthropology at the University of Arizona. BARA's mission is to prepare the next generation of professional anthropologists, advance knowledge of the human condition, and address the pressing issues of local communities. BARA faculty and affiliates carry out research, teaching, and outreach activities within Arizona, throughout the country, and internationally.

Native American Research and Training Center: NARTC serves as a resource in health-related research and training for Native American communities nationwide. The overall mission of NARTC is to conduct health-related research and training projects that will help improve the quality of life for Native Americans. The Center is housed in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Arizona.

National Center for Interpretation Testing, Research and Policy: NCITRP is a research and outreach unit at the University of Arizona charged with promoting intercultural communication and social justice for language minorities. NCITRP offers a variety of services, including interpreter training and testing in both the legal and medical fields to ensure interpreters reach a level of excellence required by the field.

Research Themes: 
Environmental Arts and Humanities
Food Systems and Security
Governance, Law, and Policy
Natural Environment and Biodiversity