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Agricultural Technology Management and Education Minor

Degree or Minor: 
Undergraduate Minor
UA College: 
Agriculture & Life Sciences
Degree/Minor Description: 

Students who minor in Agriculture Tech Management and Education can expect to take courses in basic sciences, technical agriculture, teaching principles and techniques, and communication.  Students learn how to communicate about issues in agriculture and learn about technologies and techniques that are working to improve the efficiency of agricultural practices.

Research Opportunities: 

Biosphere 2: Biosphere 2 is owned by the University of Arizona and is an Earth systems science research facility that focuses on the Earth, its living systems, and sustainability. The facility is located in northern Tucson and serves as a center for research, outreach, and teaching.

Controlled Environment Agriculture Center: The CEAC is a research center containing greenhouses, which allows researchers to study the production of plants and other products, such as vegetables and flowers. The center produces high-value crops at maximum productivity in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. 

Karsten Turfgrass Research Facility: The Karsten Turfgrass Research Facility is apart of the University of Arizona’s campus agricultural center. The facility contains 7.5 acres of turfgrass research plots, five United States Golf Association specification putting greens, two 4-meter deep lysimeters and a weather-station-based computer-controlled irrigation system.

BIO5 Institute: The BIO5 Institute is at the leading edge of life sciences research, bringing together researchers from agriculture, medicine, pharmacy, basic science, and engineering. The main goal of BIO5 is to find bold solutions to complex, biology-based challenges affecting humanity.

Research Themes: 
Food Systems and Security
Informatics, Modeling, and Remote Sensing
Science Engagement