Desert Control Field Day

The Yuma County Cooperative Extension of the University of Arizona together with Desert Control is hosting a field day at the Yuma Agricultural Center (Mesa Research Station)!

Arizona is in a mega-drought and agriculture uses 74% of Colorado River water. We must conserve water where we can. There are many ways to do this, some of the most obvious is to use less water when growing crops, manage sodium and salts, and ensure irrigation water stays near the roots when desired instead of leaching away into the aquifer or drain.

A field day will be held to show the differences in the Desert Control soil amendment trial. Plots from the spring watermelon and pepper trial were re-applied with the final dose of Liquid Natural Clay and reworked without plot-to-plot mixing.  Celery transplants and romaine hearts were grown this fall and are well-established. Come out and learn how moisture moves through the sandy soil by reviewing the summary data from 124 moisture sensors. Walk the plots and see the visual differences in crop growth between treatments.

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10 a.m. to Noon Dec. 5, 2022