Seeing Math in Nature: Fibonacci and Agaves

The Desert Laboratory on Tumamoc Hill presents "Seeing Math in Nature," a series of workshops during Spring 2021. In this series of workshops you will learn to see, interpret, and recreate the patterns around us. Math is the universal language. The translators will be agaves, trees, rivers, and jaguars, aided by guest scientists and artists. Each session takes a different approach to understanding the functioning of nature, collectively allowing us to see in new ways.


Instructors: Paul Mirocha and Roseann Hanson

This workshop will begin with an exploration of the Fibonacci number sequence and how it expresses itself in everything from our own DNA to the farthest galaxies—and especially in plants and their growth patterns. Artist Roseann Hanson will introduce the Golden Rectangle, explain how it relates to the Fibonacci sequence and spiral, and show how it can be applied to artistic layouts to enhance your artwork in your field sketchbooks. In keeping with the spring lecture series “Agave Renaissance,” artist Paul Mirocha will then lead a session in drawing agaves, which strongly express the Fibonacci sequence. If we have time we'll also delve into other plants that express this sequence. You will gain new insights into mathematics and art, and expand your artistic skills.

Length: 2 hours

Time: 10 am – noon (Arizona/Phoenix time)

Cost: $45 each or $170 for all four of the series


10 a.m. Jan. 30, 2021

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Roseann Hanson