Santa Cruz Lecture Series Pt. 5

Science and Management: To Tomorrow

We are at a critical point in time in the future of the Santa Cruz, especially in downtown Tucson. An awareness is growing that growth, development, and management that is based on a healthy river can create a bright future for our city. But what is possible? Can we create a perennially flowing river through downtown Tucson again? If so, do city, county, state, and federal regulations allow it? What is the path of the possible? In these two final lectures we learn from the leaders in our community asking these questions and finding the answers. First we will learn more about the recent Santa Cruz River Heritage Project of Tucson Water and then take that inspiration and model as we look to the future and what is possible in reconnecting to our roots and making the Santa Cruz a healthy vibrant ecosystem at the core of Tucson once again.

Chairman Austin Nunez, San Xavier District

Claire Zugmeyer, Sonoran Institute

Evan Canfield, Pima County Regional Flood Control District

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6 p.m. Dec. 3, 2020