CLIMAS Colloquium Series

Friday, April 28, 2017
Event Time: 
10:30 am
Event Type: 
Special Lecture

Please join us for our third and final CLIMAS meeting of the spring semester, this Friday, April 28, from 10:30-noon in ENR2 Room N595. We will hear about current research from: 
Gigi Owen: Evaluating Climate Services and Use-Inspired Climate Science in the U.S. Southwest: A case study of the CLIMAS program
Emerging results from a five-year assessment of the CLIMAS program demonstrate our successes and shortfalls in conducting co-produced, use-inspired science and providing regional climate services.
Dan Ferguson: Science-society partnerships to support regional climate resilience: Planning for the next phase of CLIMAS
The CLIMAS program recently submitted a proposal for 5 years of funding to continue our work to support communities in the Southwest building resilience against climate variability and change. Our proposed portfolio of work focuses on understanding the extent to which the systemic buffers we rely on in the Southwest may be suitable for 21st century climates. This presentation provides an overview of the work the CLIMAS team hopes to do over the coming 5 years.
Ben McMahan: Qualitative Climate Risk Assessments for the Utility Sector - An example from the Arizona Business Resilience Initiative
This presentation discusses the results of a qualitative climate risk assessment conducted in collaboration with a local electrical utility, focusing on the way that wildfire, air quality, water availability, and heat affect planning and decision making across short, medium, and long term timescales.
Jonathan Overpeck: The Future of the Colorado River
This presentation examines how and why existing assumptions about Colorado River flow underestimate the future risks ahead.
We will be setting this up a webinar, so please feel free to invite others to join remotely.