Eric Magrane (photo: Thomas McDonald)
Eric Magrane
Graduate Research Associate

Eric Magrane is a geographer and a poet. His research interests include the geographies of art-science and art-environment. His work takes multiple forms, from scholarly, to literary, to artistic. Magrane’s publications include The Sonoran Desert: A Literary Field Guide (University of Arizona Press), a 2016 Southwest Book of the Year, and recent articles and essays in GeoHumanitiesCultural GeographiesEcotoneACME: An International Journal of Critical A Journal of the Built + Natural EnvironmentsJournal of the Southwest, and elsewhere. He works with the Arts + Environment  + Humanities Network (AEHN) at Institute of the Environment. 

Selected Citations: 


Magrane, E., C. Cokinos, and P. Mirocha, eds. 2016. The Sonoran Desert: A literary field guide. Tucson: The University of Arizona Press.

Articles, Chapters, Essays

Magrane, E. In press. Writing the desert. In Creativity (Key Ideas in Geography Series), ed. H. Hawkins. London and New York: Routledge.

Magrane, E., and M. Johnson. In press. An art-science approach to bycatch in the Gulf of California shrimp trawling fishery. Cultural Geographies.

Magrane, E. In press. Poems, conceptual challenge, and statement of ecopoetics. In Big energy poets: When ecopoets think climate change, ed. H. L. Staples and A. King. Buffalo, NY: BlazeVOX Books.

Magrane, E., W. Burk, and E. Quin-Easter. 2016. What will stand: Songs from (F)light, a collaborative borderlands song cycle. ACME: An International Journal for Critical Geographies 15 (2): 482-510.

Magrane, E. 2016. A poem is its own animal: Poetic encounters at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Ecotone 21:96-104.

Magrane, E. 2015. Situating geopoetics. GeoHumanities 1 (1): 86-102.

Mirocha, P., E. Magrane, B. Terkanian, M. Milstead, K. Koopman, D. Coleman, M. E. Wakamatsu, and M. Soria. 2015. The Tumamoc Hill Arts Initiative: A portfolio of site-based art and poetry inspired by a history of Sonoran Desert science. Journal of the Southwest 57 (2-3): 265-303.

Wilder, M., E. Magrane, M. Miele, D. Prytherch, R. Schein, M. Ingram, and H. Ingram. 2015. The power of narrative in environmental networks. AAG Review of Books 3 (2): 99-108.

Taylor, T., and E. Magrane. 2014. I can only pick up the stones and throw them like my voice. You Are Here: The Journal of Creative Geography 17:66-67.

Magrane, E. 2013. Cryptic species and compass points: A few gestures from the Conference on Ecopoetics (an experimental review). Emotion, Space and Society 11:116-118. 

Magrane, E. 2010/2011. Book review: The eco language reader, by Brenda Iijima. Rain Taxi Review of Books 15 (4): 44-45.        

Research Themes: 
Climate and Adaptation
Climate change
Human dimensions
Science communication
Environmental Arts and Humanities
Cultures of environmentalism
Ecocriticism/Environmental literature
Creative writing
Food Systems and Security
Natural Environment and Biodiversity
Science Engagement

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