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Institute of the Environment ENR2 Room Reservation Policies

For All Reservation Requests

Special, one-time events have priority over recurring events. IE reserves the right to bump with 72 hours’ notice a recurring (or, on occasion, other) event for a special, one-time event. If this occurs, IE will attempt to find alternate space within ENR2 if at all possible. IE will not bump regularly colloquia scheduled for building occupants (SNRE, SGD, Math).

Event organizers are responsible for arranging all logistics, including configuring the space as needed and providing additional tables and/or chairs, food, beverage, signage, promotion, etc. For assistance in configuring the space and obtaining additional tables, chairs, poster boards, etc., please visit Please put room back in the configuration in which it was found.

Limited technology is available in each room; technology varies. Each room is equipped with either a projector and screen or a large TV monitor. All rooms except S120A and S120B include computers. IE will coordinate with you to conduct a pre-event site visit that includes an overview of the technology available. IE does not provide laser pointers, clickers, adapters, or on-site tech or A/V support during your event; however, for emergencies, please call 626-4345.

Alcohol is allowed in ENR2, provided all UA policies are followed. A UA Alcohol Permit Application must be submitted for all events where alcoholic beverages will be served on University of Arizona property. To obtain an application form, please refer to If approved, alcohol must be served by an approved licensed bartending service. Application form must be submitted at least two weeks prior to event date.

Food and beverage are allowed in ENR2 meeting spaces, provided all UA policies are followed. For UA Groups, Arizona Catering Company must provide all catering services valued at more than $750. If the catering costs are less than $750, the organizer has a choice of Arizona Catering Company or a caterer from the UA-approved Catering List at

Room S120 Café Common Area is only available outside café hours (after 5pm and on weekends). DO NOT MOVE ANY FURNITURE OR TABLES without help from FM. Doing so may result in gouges in the flooring, for which event organizers will be held financially responsible.

Rooftop events must have UAPD security for the duration of the event if outside business hours (M-F 9am-5pm).

Courtyard food and beverage is limited to one-sided buffet lines only, except directly in front of cafe commons.

Additional Policies for UA Groups

No reservations will be accepted for classes (anything with credit) in any room, with the exception of SNRE in room S210.

Reservations are not confirmed until organizer receives a confirmation email from IE.

If your event includes food/beverage, has more than 50 people, or falls on a weekend, you must fill out Facilities Management's special event request form to notify custodial. This will ensure your rooms are clean and prepared, and bathrooms are fully stocked and supplied. After arranging custodial, please forward confirmation to; we reserve the right to cancel your event if we do not receive this confirmation. *Note, this may incur a charge via FM.

Additional Policies for Community Groups

Reservations are not confirmed until IE receives the signed contract from organizer.

The Certificate of Insurance MUST BE received PRIOR to the event, or the event will be canceled.

Weekend events will incur an additional custodial charge.

IE will issue a final invoice a week after the event. The final invoice will include the rental fee, along with any additional charges or fees incurred during the event (such as custodial).