Student Waste Auditor (due Nov 24, 2020)

Type of Opportunity:
Location: On Campus
Deadline: Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The Student Waste Auditor, reporting to the Senior Coordinator of Sustainability Operations and Initiatives will be responsible for auditing recycling and trash contents, including logging what is placed in recycling and trash taken from the dorms. The position involves handling anything placed in the waste containers, including paper, plastic, metal, and garbage. This work will be done outdoors and safety equipment will be provided. The goal is to understand what is and what is not being put into the recycling and trash bins in the dorms. This information will be used to understand where recycling education is working and lacking, and to make adjustments as necessary. The Auditor will be charged with using this information to create additional waste interventions tailored to each dorm on a weekly basis. Driving University vehicles and/or golf carts is required.