Sometimes the paintbrush and pen are mightier than the PowerPoint when it comes to explaining, on a human scale, our environment and the urgency of global climate change. That’s why, amid the lecture circuits, plenary talks, and journal publications, IE embraces and participates in creative arts that seek to inspire action and reimagine solutions to environmental issues.

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Culture and the arts play a pivotal role in addressing environmental issues. Arts can help to raise awareness about and catalyze a public response to environmental insecurities and risks, illuminate issues of environmental justice, and imagine more sustainable futures. Arts can speak to emotion as well as to reason in finding new ways to articulate the richness and diversity of relationship between people and their environment. Together, the arts and the environmental sciences can help us understand and ascertain our place in the world. They offer complementary ways of knowing how we live on the Earth in the present. Moreover, exchange and combination of ideas among seemingly disparate disciplines can spark ways of imagining and envisioning how we might live in the future.