Andrew Comrie
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost
Professor, School of Geography & Development
Dean, Graduate College
Director, Graduate Interdisciplinary Program
PhD, Geography, Pennsylvania State University, 1992

Dr. Andrew C. Comrie is an interdisciplinary climate scientist and geographer. His research is focused on connections that link climate with health, pathogens and vectors as well as atmospheric environmental issues in general. He has published widely in specialized and interdisciplinary international journals. His specific expertise includes climate and health, synoptic climatology, urban and regional air pollution, climate variability and change in the Southwest United States, and techniques for mapping climate and environmental information. His work has been funded by numerous federal, state and local agencies. He has served on many national-level professional committees and as editorial board member and editor for several international scholarly journals.

Dr. Comrie currently serves as Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost at the University of Arizona.

Research Themes: 
Air quality
Arid lands
Climate variability

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