Affiliated Faculty

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Assistant Professor, Department of Community, Environment & Policy, Assistant Professor, Environmental Health Sciences, Assistant Professor, Applied Mathematics Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs, Assistant Professor, Statistics Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs
Assistant Professor of soil/subsurface microbiology, Soil Water and Environmental Science
Professor, Department of Entomology
Assistant Professor, Department of Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences, Chair, Geophysics Commission of the U.S. National Section of the Pan American Institute for Geography and History
Professor, School of Architecture, Coordinator, Graduate Program in Design & Energy Conservation, Chair, Graduate Master of Science program on Design and Energy Conservation
Ben Champion
Assistant Professor of Practice, School of Geography and Development
Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Assistant Professor, Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science
Lecturer, School of Landscape Architecture and Planning, Coordinator, Heritage Conservation Graduate Certificate Program, Program Chair, MS Architecture Heritage Conservation
Gina M. Chorover
Lecturer, School of Landscape Architecture and Planning, Faculty Chair, Heritage Conservation Graduate Certificate Program