Past Events Related to Arts and the Environment

Apr 15, 2015
This month’s Show & Tell features multi-media presentations by several of Confluencenter’s 2014-2015 graduate students. Topics and speakers include:   ·  Eric Magrane: “Woven Words at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum” – Encounters with poetry: scorpions, water policy and line breaks Read More
Mar 13, 2015
The Ecological Imagination: An Invitation The ecological imagination promotes educational practices, pedagogical experiments, and workplace applications that enhance biospheric perception. We need street art that provokes thinking about climate and biodiversity, poetry slams that spin tales of Read More
Feb 20, 2015
What are the intersections between art and environment here at UA and in the Tucson community? How do we bring artistic, creative, and humanities ways of knowing to environmental issues? How do these ways of knowing interact with scientific ways of knowing? The Arts & Environment Network at the Read More
Dec 10, 2014
Two research units at the University of Arizona are teaming up to play matchmaker. The Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry (CCI) and the Institute of the Environment (IE) are hosting a live game show-like event Playground Games—think  speed-dating meets Shark Tank, but with an academic Read More