• Informing choices, advancing solutions

    Harnessing the collaborative and interdisciplinary expertise at the University of Arizona and among our many partners, the Institute of the Environment links cutting-edge knowledge and know-how with real-world issues to help all societies better understand Earth's natural systems and chart the best course for a more vibrant, sustainable world.

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  • Understanding the History of Jet Stream Changes

    Valerie Trouet and Matthew Meko from the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research led a study using tree-rings to reconstruct changes in the North Atlantic jet stream prior to the 20th century.

  • Supporting a New Generation of Environmental Researchers

    A cohort of 12 graduate students studying issues related to the environment and social justice have been named the 2018 Carson Scholars. With their scholarship and hands-on training, they'll learn to effectively communicate their research to the public and decision makers.

  • Endless Environmental Events Near You

    From department colloquiums and film screenings, to symposiums, tours, and art exhibits, there's plenty to do on and around campus to get involved in environmental initiatives beyond the classroom context.

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Annual Report

Highlights include efforts to inform decision makers about drought and climate change in the Southwest, recruitment of a new generation of exceptional environmental leaders of tomorrow through our Carson Scholars Program for outstanding graduate students.
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