• Use of IE-managed spaces within ENR2 is FREE for UA groups organizing UA-related events.
  • Room N120, the large auditorium on the first floor that seats 574 people, is scheduled through Room & Course.
  • Weekend events require custodial staff presence and may incur additional charges.
  • Rooms are not available for classes other than those already scheduled.
  • We are happy to schedule a brief, in-person overview of how the room technology works. 
  • This is a reservation request only; you will receive a separate email confirming your reservation within 1-3 business day. 
  • We cannot guarantee a room reservation if the request is made with less than 1 business days' notice.
  • Need food and beverage? Check out UA's catering policies
  • Need extra tables, chairs or other supplies? Fill out Facilities Management's special event request form.
Event Information
The cost of renting a room includes a brief pre-event site visit and tech overview. IE does not provide event-specific site or tech support; event organizers are responsible for providing their own site and/or tech support. IE staff is more than happy to include your tech and/or other support staff in the pre-event site visit.
Contact Information