Valerie M Trouet

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Assistant Professor of Dendrochronology, Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research

PhD, Applied Biological Sciences, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, 2004

Assistant Professor of Watershed Management, School of Natural Resources and the Environment

In my opinion, the largest challenges and potential for dendrochronology to advance paleoclimatological research on a policy-relevant level include (1) decreasing uncertainty in large-scale temperature and regional hydroclimate reconstructions, (2) developing more high-resolution climate reconstructions for the Southern Hemisphere and for tropical regions, and (3) reconstructing dynamical climate patterns and their interaction with ecosystems. I have collaborated in various projects that have focused on the first aspect, but my personal research interests have mainly focused on the latter two topics. Some specific projects I am involved in include the development of a tree-ring network in the miombo woodland of southern Africa, fire-climate interactions in northern California, and the reconstruction of atmospheric circulation patterns over the Balkan region.
After obtaining my master's in Bio-engineering (1999) and PhD in applied biological sciences (2004) in Belgium, I worked in the Vegetation Dynamics Lab in the department of geography at Pennsylvania State University. Afterwards, I moved back to Europe to work as a research scientist in the Dendrosciences Unit of the Swiss Federal Research Institute for Forest, Snow, and Landscape. I started working in the UA Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research in January 2011.