Engineers Without Borders

EWB is a student-run club dedicated to using student knowledge to improve the world we live in. The club enables communities around the world to meet their basic needs such as clean water and sanitation through simple, sustainable, and powerful engineering projects.

Bio5 Ambassadors

The Bio5 Ambassadors is a volunteer and honorary organization affiliated with the Bio5 Institute. The Bio5 Institute works to find bold solutions to complex, biology-based challenges affecting humanity. Members of this student club represent Bio5’s interdisciplinary and collaborative mission. They also represent a variety of colleges and departments throughout UA and work together on projects that promote collaboration and science literacy. 

Collegiate Livestock Growers Association

The UA Collegiate Cattle Growers is a club designed to promote the beef industry while giving its members hands-on experience not provided in a classroom. CLGA is primarily made up of animal science students, but also has members from all over the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Nutritional Sciences Club

The Nutritional Sciences Club is a student-run club that promotes healthy and sustainable lifestyle choices within the Tucson community. The club provides nutrition-related resources, including guest speakers, community outreach, and networking with professionals in the nutritional sciences field. Open to students of any major. 

Find them on Facebook by searching: "UA Nutritional Sciences Club"

Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow

ACT is a collegiate organization that helps agriculture communication students develop professionally and socially through professional opportunities and educational programs. The goal of this organization is to build relationships with peers, faculty, and professionals who are interested in agricultural communications.

Life Science Student Association

LSSA aims to involve students in life sciences and horticulture. LSSA gives students the ability to gain hands-on experience in the club greenhouse and become involved in community events and projects

Alpha Tau Alpha

Alpha Tau Alpha is a national honorary organization for students majoring in agricultural education or extension education. This organization aims to prepare agriculture education students for their professional careers.

Compost Cats

Compost Cats partners with the University of Arizona Student Unions, City of Tucson, local businesses, nonprofits, and schools to collect food scraps, raise awareness, and promote a sustainable and green community. Members work to reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions and to increase local food security by diverting food scraps, landscape clippings, and paper from landfills, turning these into a high-quality soil amendment for local agriculture and landscaping use. 


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