Vance Holliday
Professor, School of Anthropology
Professor, Department of Geosciences
Professor, School of Geography & Development
Executive Director, Argonaut Archaeological Research Fund
(520) 621-4734
PhD, Geoscience, University of Colorado, 1982

Vance Holliday attended The University of Texas to study archaeology (BA), Texas Tech for an MA in Museum Science where his training and interests expanded to soils, landscapes, and geology, and the earliest (Paleoindian or First American) human groups on the Great Plains. The result of these interests was a PhD in Geology from the University of Colorado and a career largely devoted to reconstructing and interpreting the landscapes and environments in which the First Americans lived, and how these conditions evolved. After serving on the faculty Texas A&M (2 years) and the University of Wisconsin-Madison (18 years) his teaching and research interests culminated in his joining (in 2002) the University of Arizona faculty to direct the Argonaut Archaeological Research Fund (AARF). AARF is devoted to research on the geoarchaeology of the Paleoindian people of the Southwest. Honors include the "Rip" Rapp Archaeological Geology Award of the Geological Society of America, and the Kirk Bryan Award in Geomorphology of the G.S.A.

Research Themes: 
Arid lands
Climate change
Geological processes
Arid lands
Geological processes
Grasslands and savannas
Soil science

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