Institute of the Environment Staff Directory

Photo of Diana Liverman
Provides overall co-leadership and management of the Institute with particular responsibility for environmental social science and policy.
Photo of Jonathan Overpeck
Provides overall co-leadership and management of the Institute with particular responsibility for environmental natural science.
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Conducts research and knowledge transfer on climate impacts and drought and collaborates with scientists, resource managers, and decision makers on adaptation to climate variability and change.
Photo of Betsy Woodhouse
Assists the directors in managing projects, people, budget, planning and promotion of IE.
Photo of Jim Buizer
Directs IE's newly established climate adaptation and international development program.
Project Staff
Photo of Daniel Ferguson
Directs the CLIMAS program and conducts research on social and institutional aspects of climate variability and change in the US Southwest.
Photo of Katharine Jacobs
Katharine Jacobs has returned to the University of Arizona as director of the Center for Climate Adaptation Science and Solutions (CCASS) and professor in the department of soil, water and environmental science.
Photo of Rafe Sagarin
Studies the changing ecology of the Gulf of California, environmental law and policy, and the lessons from nature that can help humans adapt better to climate change and security threats.
Photo of Ardeth
Directs the Renewable Energy and Renewable Energy Network (UAREN) at the Institute of the Environment.
Photo of Zack Guido
Improves access to and use of climate information for decision makers in Arizona and New Mexico. Zack also conducts research on the climate of the Southwest and strategies to enhance the utility of climate information.
Photo of Gigi Owen
Conducts research on connections between climate and society.
Photo of Alison Meadow
Manages the University team within the Southwest Climate Science Center and conducts social science research on the use of and interaction with climate science by resource managers and decision makers.
Photo of Sarah
Provides outreach for climate programs and is the editor for the Southwest Climate Change Network's web content
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Photo of Ryan Thomas, Project Manager, CLIMAS
Provides programmatic support for the activities of the CLIMAS core office, helps maintain the CLIMAS website and works on expanding outreach initiatives.
Photo of Mary Black
Manages the Center for Climate Adaptation Science and Solutions (CCASS).
Photo of Anh Le
Provides finance and business administrative support and handles TRIF funds, grants, and contracts activity.
Photo of Claudia Trevino
Provides financial administration and operational support to the various programs within IE.
Photo of Christina Gargus, Institute of the Environment
Provides program and administrative support to IE directors and administers IE grant awards and the Carson Scholars program.
Photo of Stephanie Sklar
Directs and manages all fund development activities for the Institute and collaborates with other units, colleges, and faculty affiliates of the Institute to enhance University-wide development activities to support environmental research, teaching, and outreach.
Photo of Stephanie Doster
Writes and edits articles, reports, and other publications and fields press inquiries.
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Develops art-science collaborations, writes Proximities art & science blog, and supports communications team