Affiliated Faculty

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Photo of Leif Abrell
Leif Abrell
Associate Research Scientist
Soil, Water and Environmental Science

Photo of Nathan Allen
Nathan Allen
Assistant Staff Scientist and Sustainability Coordinator
Biosphere 2

Photo of Mark Apel
Mark Apel
Area Associate Agent
Arizona Cooperative Extension

Photo of Avelino Arellano
Avelino Arellano
Assistant Professor
Atmospheric Sciences

Photo of Alberto Arenas
Alberto Arenas
Associate Professor,Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies
Center for Latin American Studies

Photo of Janick Artiola
Janick Artiola
Associate Professor
Soil, Water and Environmental Science

Photo of Keiron Bailey
Keiron Bailey
Associate Professor
School of Geography and Development

Photo of Victor Baker
Victor Baker
Regents Professor
Hydrology and Water Resources

Photo of Paul Baker
Paul Baker
Professor and Urban Extension Entomologist

Photo of Jeffrey Banister
Jeffrey Banister
Assistant Research Social Scientist
Southwest Center

Photo of Ray Barnes
Ray Barnes
Adjunct Lecturer
School of Architecture

Photo of Greg Barron-Gafford
Greg Barron-Gafford
Assistant Professor & Associate Research Scientist, School of Geography & Development and B2 Earthscience, Biosphere 2
B2 Institute

Photo of Carl Bauer
Carl Bauer
Associate Professor and Interim Director
School of Geography and Development

Photo of Paloma Beamer
Paloma Beamer
Assistant Professor
College of Public Health

Photo of Warren Beck
Warren Beck
Research Scientist

Photo of Manley Begay Jr.
Manley Begay Jr.
Director of the Native Nations Institute
Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy

Photo of Ramiro Berardo
Ramiro Berardo
Assistant Professor
School of Government and Public Policy

Photo of Eric Betterton
Eric Betterton
Department Head
Atmospheric Sciences

Photo of Anita D. Bhappu
Anita Bhappu
Associate Professor and Division Chair
Retailing and Consumer Sciences

Photo of Paul Blowers
Paul Blowers
University Distinguished Professor
Chemical and Environmental Engineering