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Southwest Climate Outlook March 2018

March 15, 2018

<p>The March 2018 climate observations made by the Climate Assessment for the Southwest. Notable observations include consistently warm temperatures, the expansion and intensification of drought-designated areas, and variations in precipitation across the Southwest.</p>

Exterior wall collapse in 2010 at Mission San José de Tumacácori in southern Arizona. Extreme weather events, among other environmental stressors, are increasingly impacting the fragile cultural resources in the American West. Photo courtesy of Tumacácori National Historical Park.

UA Researchers to Study Environmental Impacts on U.S. Cultural Heritage

March 15, 2018

UA Media Release

An interdisciplinary team from the University of Arizona has been awarded $100,000 by the National Park Service to assess how environmental stressors such as flooding and extreme heat impact monuments, historic sites and other cultural resources in the American West.

UA Seeks Answers From the Deep

February 27, 2018

<p>From the Southern Ocean, professor Joellen Russell is collecting big data that is expected to tell us more about the Earth and its climate.</p>