Hoshin Gupta
Hoshin Gupta
Regents Professor, Department of Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences
TEP Fellow of the UA Galileo Circle
SRP Professor of Technology, Public Policy, and Markets
Fellow of the American Geophysical Union
2014 Winner of the EGU John Dalton Medal
2017 Winner of the AMS Robert E Horton Lecture Award
(520) 626-9712
PhD, Systems Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, 1984

Research: Hoshin Gupta is an internationally recognized leader in systems methods for reconciling models with data. He was elected Fellow of the American Geophysical Union in 2009 for ‘consistent contributions to modeling science’, awarded the 2014 Dalton Medal of the European Geophysical Union for ‘pioneering work on systems methods for the field of hydrology’, and the 2017 Robert E Horton Lecture award of the American Meteorological Society for ‘fundamental contributions towards quantifying uncertainty in hydrologic model predictions’. From 2009-2013, Hoshin served as an Editor of the premier hydrologic science journal ‘Water Resources Research’.

Hoshin is a hydrologist, systems theorist and philosopher, with strong technical skills in complex algorithm development. His particular expertise is in earth system modeling and in exploring issues relating to terrestrial processes with a particular focus on hydrology. Historically he has driven improvements to methods for model-based learning, including multi-criteria and diagnostic methods, and is now leading developments in assessment and correction of model structural adequacy based in rigorous Bayesian and Information Theoretic approaches. This work has earned him an H-Index = 62, having published 10 books and over 170 peer-reviewed papers, about 30% of which have been cited more than 100 times, and one cited more than 1500 times (data indicated for April 2017). 

Since serving as Associate Director (2000-2005) of the UA-HWR-based NSF science and technology center SAHRA, Hoshin has been working on improving the integration of hydrologic science into decision-making and policy. In 2006, he was named the Salt River Project (SRP) Professor of Technology, Public Policy & Markets for work on evaluating hydrological impacts of potential climate change, in 2013 the Tucson Electric Power (TEP) Fellow of the UA Galileo Circle, and in 2017 a Regents Professor of the University of Arizona. He has co-edited two books ‘Water Policy in New Mexico: Addressing the Challenge of an Uncertain Future’ (RFF Press 2012) was published in 2012 and co-edited book ‘Water Bankruptcy in The Land Of Plenty: Steps towards a Transatlantic and Transdisciplinary Assessment of Water Scarcity In Southern Arizona’ (CRC Press 2016), the latter being a product of the first EU funded project to strengthen ties between European- and US-based researchers in the social and natural sciences related to water. 

Teaching: Hoshin teaches graduate courses in the theory and applications of Systems Methods to hydrology, and an undergraduate class for non-science majors entitled ‘Earth: Our Watery Home’. He consistently receives excellent student evaluations, was recognized 5 years in a row for excellence in teaching by being voted the “Aquaman Award” by the students, and in 2015 received the UA Graduate College Graduate and Professional Education Teaching and Mentoring Award.

Research Themes: 
Climate and Adaptation
Arid lands
Climate change
Climate variability
Decision support
Human dimensions
Scenario planning
Water resources
Climate change impacts
Governance, Law, and Policy
Climate change impacts
Decision making
Water resource management
Informatics, Modeling, and Remote Sensing
Algorithm development
Data analysis
Data cleaning and information extraction
Data mining
Data-fusion technology
Decision support
Dynamical systems theory
Information theory
Mathematical and system dynamics modeling
Modeling and simulation
Natural Environment and Biodiversity
Ecosystem services
Science Engagement
Connecting science and decision making
Urban Environment
Climate change impacts
Modeling and simulation
Arid lands
Climate change impacts
Modeling and simulation
Remote sensing
Water resource management
Water-energy nexus
Watershed hydrology
Watershed management

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