Ruscena Wiederholt
Assistant Research Scientist, School of Natural Resources and the Environment
Assistant Research Scientist, Udall Center
(520) 626-9868

Dr. Wiederholt has broad interests in conservation biology and quantitative ecology. At the University of Arizona, she is investigating the migratory patterns of Mexican free-tailed bats, the ecosystem services they provide, and strategies for their conservation. She is also involved in quantifying subsidies for ecosystem services and developing spatially-explicit models of habitat importance for migratory species. In addition, she is the primary coordinator of a USGS Powell Center working group’s efforts to model spatial subsidies of Mexican free-tailed bats, Monarch butterflies, and Northern Pintail ducks. Future research projects include modeling the impacts of climate change and wind turbines on Mexican free-tailed bat population viability and ecosystem service provision.

Research Themes: 
Climate change
Ecosystem management
Global warming
Modeling and simulation
Natural resource management

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