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Laurel Bellante visits a cornfield as part of her dissertation research in Chiapas, Mexico. Studying the work of a network of local, organic farmers and producers, she found that network members have been successful in defending small farmers, community economy and consumer health. (Photo: Kiri Escalante)

How One Mexican Network Encourages Local Food Production

May 29, 2017

UA researcher and 2013 Institute of the Environment Carson Scholar Laurel Bellante found that local and organic farmers in the Mexican state of Chiapas are crucial in driving the localization of food production, improved consumer health and organic farming.

Rio Grande monsoon (Photo: Courtesy of the Institute of the Environment)

Rio Grande-Bravo Outlook May 2017

May 24, 2017

<p>Forecasts favor above-average temperatures in all of the Rio Grande/Bravo Basin, and above-average precipitation in the southern portion of the Basin, through August.</p>

Grassy rangelands (Photo: Courtesy of the Institute of the Environment)

Southwest Climate Outlook May 2017

May 18, 2017

<p>April precipitation was average to above average in New Mexico, while most of Arizona was below average, including record-dry conditions in the southwestern corner of the state. Snowpack and snow water equivalent have declined in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado. Much of the West has seen improvements in drought conditions.</p>