Student Employee

Opportunity Type: 
Location of Opportunity: 
Off Campus
Host Department/Organization: 

UA-Controlled Environment Agriculture Center

Opportunity Description: 

The UA-Controlled Environment Agriculture Center is searching for students interested in hourly work for care of seed corn crops within a controlled environment greenhouse using hydroponics. 

Some specifics about the work for the Seed Corn Project:

  • The Seed Corn Project requires exceptionally dedicated students who are dependable, on-time, task efficient, and committed to meeting their work requirements.
  • There are explicit rules and policies and protocols which must be strictly followed, for which you will be mentored until competent, and then expected to perform at consistent quality.
  • Working tasks can vary from a 2 – 3 hours per week to one [or more] 8 hour days in secession such as during seeding, transplant, pollination and harvest.  We need large blocks of time as your schedule allows, and will have other students available to complement during the busy time periods.
  • We seek students who understand the importance of quality and timing of their work [ex. Pollination, which is successful only with careful attention and timing of your work], as well as someone who might be considering similar type of R&D work after graduation.  This job could be a stepping stone to future employment after graduation.
  • We will establish specific times per week and weekend for your work times that fit your schedule.
  • The work is located in the greenhouses at Campbell Ave at Roger Rd, and dependable transportation is required for your timely arrival.
  • You will be employed by the UA, through the ABE Dept, based on a research project funded by the Monsanto Seed Corn Project which is directed by Brad Hart, Protected Cultivation  Workflow Development Lead, and supported by Stefanie Boe, Community Engagement/Site Enablement Lead.
  • You are to report to Tilak Mahato, Research Specialist in the ABE Dept. and who is Greenhouse Manager for the CEAC greenhouses, and he will be your administrative and technical supervisor and approve your timesheets.  Be sure to submit your work hoursevery 2 weeks by Thursday night on the UAccess system.
  • He will have specific days/times of the week for you to attend work and he will teach you the procedures for care of the plants. He [and your fellow co-workers] will depend on you.
  • We expect that your specific scheduled times for working will be strictly followed, as you will fill important roles for work that must be completed each week as we care for the greenhouse plants.  However, should you not be able to attend work on any day, contact Tilak as soon as you know.  Also, there may be times of additional workload, and Tilak will request your help.

If you have any questions, please contact DrG

Required Skills / Experience:

  • Candidates must be currently enrolled in, or having completed a B.S. or M.S. degree program in a scientific field, including Biology, Agronomy, Horticulture, Controlled Environment Agriculture, Soil Science, or a related field
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge of plant growth management in controlled environments
  • Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas in a clear, precise and actionable manner
  • Detail and results-orientated with the ability to work independently
  • Experimental design and data analysis

Desired Skills / Experience:

  • Knowledge of genetics, breeding, agriculture and/or biotechnology
  • Experience working in greenhouses and/or growth chambers such as at CEAC
Paid Position: 


Required Documents: 
Cover Letter
How to apply: 

Please provide your resume, and statement of your interest, and include a day/time of week for interview at the CEAC [Campbell at Roger Rd] by Monday, Dec 4th.

We will schedule interviews during the week of December 11 - 15th, and work is to beginin January.

Send information to both Mahato, Tilak R - (tmahato) ; Giacomelli, Gene A - (giacomel)