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Degree or Minor: 
Undergraduate Degree
Green Concentration: 
UA College: 
UA South
Degree Type: 
Bachelor of Science
Degree/Minor Description: 

Commerce is a degree unique to University of Arizona South. The degree is different from a traditional business program in that the Commerce program at UA South provides a complete overview of the business world rather than a focus on just one aspect of business, such as accounting or marketing. For example, students learn how to make environmentally sustainable business decisions, how global and regional markets work, and how to create efficient information systems. Students learn the theoretical components of commerce, and practice the application of those theoretical components in a simulated commerce environment to develop commerce skills and constantly work on building a commerce persona. Students who complete this degree can pursue graduate degrees in economics and business, or they can gain professional degrees in law. They can also obtain careers in government or industry consulting on commerce related issues.

Research Opportunities: 

Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy: The Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy sponsors policy-relevant, interdisciplinary research and forums that link scholarship and education. The Center specializes in issues concerning environmental policy, immigration policy of the United States and indigenous nations policy.

Research Themes: 
Business and Economics
Food Systems and Security
Governance, Law, and Policy
Urban Environment