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Agricultural & Resource Economics (MS)

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Agriculture & Life Sciences
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Agricultural & Resource Economics (MS) 

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Students in the Agricultural and Resource Economics (AREC) Master of Science degree program have a choice between a thesis option with Applied Economics and Policy Analysis (AEPA) and a non-thesis option with Applied Econometrics and Data Analytics (AEDA). The current curriculum requirements for the AREC Master of Science Degree programs can be found at and, we do not accept applications students under the general Agricultural and Resource Economics Master of Science program, one of the two options above must be decided at the time of application. 

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Agriculture & Resource Economics -

The AREC Department offers a program leading to the Master of Science degree with a major in Agricultural & Resource Economics. A broad spectrum of agricultural economics subject matter is presented, with emphasis in natural resources, international business, and agribusiness. The Master's program provides training in the theory and methods of applied agricultural and resource economics. Graduating students are qualified for positions in the private sector with agribusiness, financial, farm management, and consulting firms, and in state and federal government agencies. Some students choose to follow the master's degree with enrollment in a Ph.D. program, either at the University of Arizona or elsewhere. Many AREC graduates have excelled in premier doctoral programs throughout the United States. We also offer an Agricultural & Resource Economics minor for PhD seeking students.