2013-14 Annual Report
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Congratulations to all of the winners of the 2012 Grad Blitz! This year's event showcased a huge diversity of topics from more than 50 presenters representing 25 departments across the UA campus. Check out photos from the event on our Facebook page here. IE also would like to thank the judges for their careful consideration of each presentation and poster: Gregg Garfin, Ruscena Wiederholt, Rachel Gallery, Joel Biederman, Jim Buizer, Gina Murphy-Darling, Julie Brugger, Lydia Breunig, and Betsy Woodhouse. Join us again in fall 2013 for another amazing set of rapid-fire talks and posters on graduate student environmental research.

First Prize Talk: Stefan Walston

view abstract

First Prize Poster: Zulia Mayari Sanchez Mejia

view abstract

Audience Choice Poster:

Natalie BrasillView Abstract

Audience Choice Talk:

Jason TorreyView Abstract

Best Interdisciplinary Talk:

America Lutz LeyView Abstract

Best Science/Society Linkage Talk:

Stefan Walston | View Abstract

Best Graphics Talk:

Paul James CaraDonnaView Abstract

Honorable Mention Poster:

Estee Rivera Murdock (No photo available)View Abstract

Honorable Mention Talk:

Anastasia Sugeng (No photo available)View Abstract

Best Science/SocietyLinkage Poster:

Melissa Valdez (No photo available)View Abstract

Best Graphics Poster:

Alison Macalady (No photo available)
View Abstract