Udall Center-IE Fellows Program

Call for Applications
Deadline: April 30, 2015


The Institute of the Environment (IE) is pleased to announce the environmental-policy component of the 2015-16 Udall Center Faculty Fellows Program. This program is offered by the Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy in collaboration with IE and with additional support from the Office for Research and Discovery (ORD). Since the Program’s inception in 1990, the Center has hosted 135 fellows from 40 departments or centers at the UA. IE has supported 33 of those fellows from 20 units.

This year and in the future, the primary purpose of the fellowship will be to produce and submit a research proposal for external funds in support of research and/or discovery. Applicants may apply to develop research proposals on topics that pertain to the public-policy aspects of global environmental change. Applicants for the Udall Center-IE fellowships are encouraged, but not limited, to consider projects related to: the human dimensions of environmental variability and change or the use and value of environmental knowledge and information in policy and decisionmaking. Over the course of the fellowship, fellows will work with Research Development Services at ORD to target, develop, and submit the proposal.

Qualifications. This component of the competition is open to tenured/tenure-track or continuing/ continuing-eligible faculty members in any unit at the UA who wish to carry out externally funded research on the public-policy dimensions of global environmental change.

Terms of the Fellowship. IE, the Udall Center, and ORD will provide up to two awards of $10,000 each to the selected fellow’s home department/unit to help cover the cost of teaching responsibilities for one semester. We expect fellows to be fully released from teaching for the semester of their fellowship; the funds are made available to units as compensation for the release time and to cover related critical teaching needs. Fellowships will be awarded only if the applicant’s home unit supports the application and the release of teaching time. Potential applicants must discuss the prospects of such support with department heads or directors prior to applying and should submit a signed form indicating departmental approval. The appropriate dean or director will be provided an opportunity to endorse an application (or not) and to provide relevant comments (see below). Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee that will make recommendations to the directors of the Udall Center and the Institute of the Environment (who will inform applicants of awards following discussion with the units regarding funds and release time). Fellows are expected to present a colloquium on their work during the fellowship period and to acknowledge the institutional sources of support in grants and publications resulting from the award.

Application Procedure. Each applicant should submit via email with attachments in MS Word or Adobe PDF: (1) a brief statement describing general policy research interests; (2) specific plans for a proposal-development project to be undertaken during the fellowship, including identification of prospective funding sources (up to five pages); (3) information on any related proposals already submitted for external support; (4) a curriculum vitae; (5) a letter of reference; and (6) a fully signed cover sheet bearing signatures of the department head/director and one of the IE co-directors. Because of this year’s late start, the fellowships will be for Spring 2016 only.  Electronic copies of the full packet should be submitted to JLNeeley@email.arizona.edu, by April 30, 2015. For more information, you may email Jenny Neeley or call her at 626-4393.

Selection. Applications will be reviewed by a panel of former fellows. The Center expects to announce the results of the competition in late May 2015.