Udall Center-IE Fellows Program

Call for Applications Deadline: March 28, 2014


The Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy at the University of Arizona invites applications for its Udall Center Fellows Program for 2014-2015. Fellows will be affiliated with the Udall Center and with the Institute of the Environment (IE), and will study an aspect of science and public policy. Since the program's inception in 1990, the Center has hosted 131 fellows representing 40 departments or academic units at the UA. IE has supported 31 of those Fellows from 20 units.

Applicants may submit proposals to conduct research or curriculum-development on topics that pertain to the public‐policy aspects of global environmental change. Applicants for the Udall Center‐IE science and policy fellowships are encouraged, but not limited to, consider projects related to the human dimensions of environmental variability and change; or the use and value of environmental knowledge and information in policy and decision making.Work leading to the development of an interdisciplinary research proposal is especially encouraged.


The science and policy component of the competition will be open to faculty members in the physical, biological, and social sciences who wish to broaden their understanding of the public policy dimensions of global change.

Terms of the Fellowship

Fellows will use the IE funds to secure release time from departmental obligations to devote the majority of their time to fellowship activities for one semester. Thus, an application must be approved prior to submission by the applicant's department head or unit director, and the dean.

Application Procedure

Each applicant should submit both a printed copy and an electronic copy (by email with attachments in MS Word or Adobe PDF):

(1) a brief statement describing general policy research interests;

(2) plans for a specific project to be undertaken as a Udall Center Fellow (up to five pages);

(3) a plan identifyingany specific proposals already submitted or to be submitted for external support for the project;

(4) a curriculum vitae; 

(5) a letter of reference, and 

(6) a fully‐signed cover sheet bearing the signatures of the department head/director and one of the IE co-directors.

Applicants need to specify the semester for which they are applying (Fall 2014, Spring 2015, or no preference). Printed applications should be submitted to the Udall Center at 803 East First Street, and electronic copies to kharlow@email.arizona.edu,  by March 28, 2014

For more information, consult the Udall Center’s home page  at udallcenter.arizona.edu or call Kim Harlow at 626‐4393. Applicants need to specify the semester for which they are applying (Fall 2014, Spring 2015, or no preference).

Printed applications should be submitted to the Udall Center at 803 East First Street, and electronic copies to kharlow@u.arizona.edu. 


Applications would be reviewed by a panel drawn from the Udall Center's former Fellows and other UA faculty, with an announcement of the results of the competition in late April or early May 2014.

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