Faculty Exploratory Research Grants


The Institute of the Environment is pleased to announce the annual call for proposals for the Faculty Exploratory Research Grants program. Three annual grants of up to $10,000 are awarded, on a competitive basis, for projects involving interdisciplinary global change research or other related research activity. The program is also designed to help foster the development of one or more major interdisciplinary proposals for submission to external funding agencies or private contributors. 


The program is only open to Institute of the Environment affiliated faculty members. A peer-review committee of IE affiliated faculty will evaluate the proposals and forward their recommendations to the IE directors for final award selection. The program does not fund graduate assistantships, publication costs, travel (unless documented fully as being an integral part of the project objectives), general-purpose equipment, or summer salary. Costs such as short-term student wages, field research, general operations, supplies, and specialized research equipment pertaining to the project will be considered.

Application Procedures

To apply, interested faculty members must submit a proposal outlining their research plans. An investigator may submit only one proposal during any review period and is eligible to receive only one award within a five-year period. For the 2016 fiscal year, the proposal deadline is 5:00 PM on Monday, March 23, 2015.


Your application packet must include the following materials:

  • cover page

  • budget page with justification

  • list of all current research support

  • project description and objectives (maximum two pages)

  • description and justification of travel expenses, if included

  • curriculum vitae (maximum two pages)

Awards will be announced no later than May 1 for the 2016 fiscal year. Project funding will be available after July 1, 2015, and must be expended before June 30, 2016. Final reports are required, and they are due by August 14, 2016.

Application Submission

Submit application materials electronically via email to Senior Program Coordinator, Tina Gargus at tinagargus@email.arizona.edu.