• Seminar Speaker Grants

    IE offers grants of $200 to $1,000 to affiliated faculty and campus student organizations to bring exceptional seminar speakers to campus.

  • Informing choices, advancing solutions

    Harnessing the collaborative and interdisciplinary expertise at the University of Arizona and among our many partners, the Institute of the Environment links cutting-edge knowledge and know-how with real-world issues to help all societies better understand Earth's natural systems and chart the best course for a more vibrant, sustainable world.

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    Marielle Smith

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    BRACE Yourself for Changing Mosquito Seasons

    The buzz around standing water in Arizona backyards could be hazardous to your health, and climate researchers at the UA are out to help state residents prepare for the threat. A team of scientists, including the UA’s Heidi Brown, an international expert in mosquito-borne disease, are creating a map that will help the public, health care professionals, and government agencies pinpoint locations around the state that are at high risk for disease in the face of rising temperatures.

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    Heidi Brown

  • Margaret Evans displays tree cores from the recovered collection.
    Using the Past to Predict the Future

    Thousands of tree cores, little rods of wood containing year-by-year information about a tree’s growth, lay forgotten in a federal storage room, gathering dust, until the collection—a research treasure trove—found its way to UA dendrochronologist Margaret Evans. To Evans, the cores represented a wealth of knowledge that had yet to be tapped­—an entirely new set of data that could help predict how climate change will affect our future forests.

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    David Archuleta

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Annual Report

Highlights include efforts to inform decision makers about drought and climate change in the Southwest, recruitment of a new generation of exceptional environmental leaders of tomorrow through our Carson Scholars Program for outstanding graduate students.
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